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  • Posted by Kinetic Konnection
  • On March 16, 2016

Brace FAQs

Your health-care provider may recommend that you use a brace due to an injury, before and/or after surgery, or due to deterioration in joints because of overuse, or age. You may also need to replace an older brace due to body or lifestyle changes. An accurate diagnosis is a vital first step to selecting the best brace for your purposes, as well as determining when and for how long the brace should be worn for maximum benefit.

For rehabilitation, a well designed brace can be extremely useful. For example, following surgery, the knee joint may be temporarily unstable. The ligaments, muscles, and bones will need to heal, and as a result you may need an external support or brace. Moreover, during your physiotherapy and active rehabilitation process, if you will be performing physical activities soon after knee surgery, a knee brace can help you feel more stable and protect your knee from re-injury.

In sports, such as football and hockey, where large forces and pressures are exerted on the knee, a knee brace can prevent injury by absorbing some of the force that otherwise may cause severe injury to the knee.

Braces have a vast range of benefits, depending on the application.  They may help increase stability in an unstable joint or they can off-load unwanted pressure in an arthritic knee.  They may allow you to get out of your cast  much sooner after a fractured wrist or ankle!  Following injury, for example a knee injury, a custom fitted brace will help support the knee and keep it in appropriate alignment. The brace also helps stabilize the knee joint and can be set to restrict excessive bending, twisting, and destructive side to side, or front to back movements that will continue to aggravate an already injured knee.   The possibilities are somewhat limitless.  The chances are that we have a product to suit your needs!

Braces, both patient-ready and custom-made are available for many joints in the body, including the following which are commonly used:

  • Knee Braces (including ACL and post-op braces)
  • Unloading osteoarthritis knee braces
  • Post–surgical Braces
  • Ankle Braces
  • Back Braces
  • Wrist Braces (including carpal tunnel braces)
  • Shoulder Stabilizers
  • Drop Foot Braces
  • Walking Cast or Air Casts (for walking)
  • Many more.

Kinetic Konnection provide braces from Top manufacturers Ossur, Donjoy, Ottobock, Medi & Medspec.

Osteoarthritis in the knee can be a frustrating nag. It is a degenerative disease that affects millions of people. Many of the millions are too young or old, not fit for surgery or just do not want surgery. A properly fit unloading brace can give you back the quality of life you want. Either while you wait for a knee replacement surgery or looking to avoid it all together.

Insurance FAQs

Insurance companies need to be asked the right questions in order to avoid unwanted surprises during the reimbursement process. Here are the top five questions to ask:

  1. Who can prescribe and dispense my orthotics for me?
  2. What casting techniques should I use?
  3. What is the dollar amount I am covered for and is there a co-pay or deductible?
  4. How often I am covered for custom foot orthotics?
  5. Does my plan allow for assignment of benefits? (this allows for third party billing)

Don’t forget to write down all the information. If you forget don’t worry. We will always call again on your behalf even if you did remember.

General Questions

For bracing and compression socks you do NOT need an appointment.  You can come in anytime you have a chance.  We recommend giving yourself between 15-30 minutes for a proper fitting.  You will require an appointment however to see our chiropodist and to be fit for custom foot orthotics.

No you do not. We do recommend that you consult with your family physician for a diagnosis. If a prescription is necessary for insurance purposes, obtaining one before you visit our store will help you get on the road to recovery faster as it provides us with the information we need to direct you to the proper product.

We can contact your insurance company to inquire about your coverage. This will allow us to find out if you have all the necessary information to complete your reimbursement strategy.  If possible, we will bill your insurance directly.

All locations are open 6 days a week, with the exception of long weekends when we close on Saturday.  Each location has its own hours.  Click here to find the hours of the location nearest you.