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The original business began in Windsor with Rob Pula and Ty Thoms, childhood friends turned business partners.

rob and ty history pageThe two had known each other since they were eight years old and had both recently graduated from the University of Windsor Human Kinetics program.  Ty who had also recently finished Teachers College wasn’t having much luck looking for a consistent teaching job.  Rob was  working in the ergonomics field for a short while when the idea of the two going into business together evolved into the start up of the first ever Kinetic Konnection location in 1996.

With interest in both sports therapy and pain management, Rob and Ty used their education and passion as the foundation of their new idea.  Not long after the idea was born, the two purchased 800 square feet of real estate in Windsor, half of which was used as a retail space for the first Kinetic Konnection location.

The business continued to grow which forced a move into a location double the size only 6 months later, followed by another move into a 2100 square foot space in 2000 which is still the location of the Head office on Howard Ave. in Windsor.

The business was built on the premise that Rob & Ty wanted to offer long-term solutions to people with joint and body pain.   Their business model encouraged customers to come in, learn about their diagnosis, and find out how best to address and treat their pain.   Rob and Ty’s philosophy from the beginning was that if people are a more involved in understanding what solutions are available to them and how they work, they will feel more empowered to take control their bodies and how it feels.

Braces, foot orthotics and compression socks are not meant to replace physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments or, in extreme cases, surgery, they simply cater to a wider audience.

The next chapter in their story began when Stewart, Leon and Tanya were hired to work at the Windsor location. All 3 of them started as part time employees at Kinetic Konnection, while full time human kinetics students at the University of Windsor.

tanya-stewart-leon-pic(2)They understood and held the same values that were at the core of the Kinetic Konnection brand. They continue to uphold those same values as they opened up the next 2 Kinetic Konnection locations in the GTA. Stewart and Tanya opened their doors in 2002 to the 2nd   location which is still in Oakville, and after working in Oakville for a couple of years, Leon opened a location in Vaughan.

As a company they know their specialty. They are here to help you manage your day-to-day pain and when it comes to supportive bracing, there is no better place in Ontario to visit.

They have been helping people for more than 20 years, and plan on doing it for many more. They proudly  offer 6 locations in Ontario,  in Windsor, Oakville, Vaughan, Burlington, Lasalle and Tecumseh.