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Lumbar Strain or Sprain

WHAT is it?

A sprained lower back is when the ligaments (connect bone to bone) are over stretched. A strained lower back affects the tendons and muscles. The tendons connect muscle to bone. The over stretching causes microscopic tears of varying degrees in these tissues.

WHEN does it hurt?

Lower back pain doesn’t not discriminate! Standing, sitting, laying down… it hurts when it wants to hurt. Usually under additional stress such as lifting, excessive bending over, over weight and poor posture.

WHY do I have it?

Most people complain of a single action that caused it. “I bent over to pick something up and hurt my back.” Yes, a single act like a fall or accident can cause lumbar strain or sprains but it is usually an accumulative result due to actions that you have been doing for days, months or years.


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