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SI Joint Problems


WHAT is it?

There are two joints in your lower back, and they sit on each side of your spine. Their main job is to carry the weight of your upper body when you stand or walk and shift that load to your legs. They can get too loose and also get stuck.

WHEN does it hurt?

The pain starts when your SI joint gets inflamed. It could hurt it when you play sports or if you fall down. You might also get this problem from an activity that gives the area a regular pounding, like jogging and even walking.

WHY do I have it?

Maybe you have a leg that is longer than the other? That could be a cause it for sure. Sometimes you start hurting when the ligaments that hold your SI joint together are damaged, which may make the joint move abnormally.


When the SI joint is “hypermobile” or too loose, a brace about the size of a wide belt can be wrapped around the pelvis to stabilize the area. Finding the perfect spot for the brace to be fit on the body will make a huge difference.

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