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Super Boomer resting after a long day. the phone is quiet. all is well, so it would seem…But suddenly, trouble marches onto the scene! Oh no, General Pain is invading the city!

Super Boomer: Nothing like kicking back after a long day!

General Pain: Hmmm…SUPER BOOMER is m.i.a.? Time to wage pain on people’s knees, backs & ankles! HAHAHAHA!

People in background: Ack! The pain! ouch!

The phone calls start coming in at Kinetic Konnection Head Quarters about pain – But there’s no need to worry. Super Boomer is always on duty, you know.

Super Boomer: Looking for the best brace to help your pain? The bracing experts at Kinetic Konnection are just a phone call away!

Telephone: Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

Stay tuned -To be continued…

At the Kinetic Konnection head quarters, the phone is ringing off the hook! General Pain is up to no good…

Telephone: Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

Lady on Phone: My daughter’s knee pain is bothering her!

Woman crying on phone: My doctor said you can help my horrible back pain?

Man shocked on phone: I heard you can help my osteoarthritic knee pain?

Man on phone: I want to keep running but I sprained my ankle!

Pictures of Patella Knee Braces, OA Knee Braces, Back braces, and Ankle Braces

General Pain: You may have won the war this time, Super Boomer… but general pain will strike again!

Super Boomer: And when you do, Kinetic Konnection is here to stop you! With our knowledgable staff and extensive bracing options, help is only a phone call away!

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