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Issue 1 of 3

Oh no! Verigross, the villainous varicose vein and it’s attacking employees all across Windsor! At the casino, the assembly line, the hospital!

Verigross: Laughing!

But who can save the hard workers of Windsor from Verigross and its leg and calf pain?

Verigross: As long as you all sit or stand for hours a day I’ll bring you pain! Swelling! Varicose veins!!!

Man: Super Boomer! Help!

To be continued…

Issue 2 of 3

The vile Verigross is inflicting leg pain across Windsor! Who will find a way to put a stop to all his madness?!

Super Boomer: Fear not hard-working citizens! Kinetic Konnection has solutions for your circulatory sorrows!

Verigross: What?! No! Not Super Boomer!

All that sitting – all that standing… is that what is summoning Verigross’ bulging veins, swollen ankles and calf pain?

Super Boomer: I’ve got a super solution…

Verigross: Do your best super loser… my leg pain is here to stay!

To be continued…

Issue 3 of 3

Verigross, the heinous, veinous villain, has left Windsor employees with swollen, achy legs! But Super Boomer is on the scene!

Super Boomer: These Compression socks from Kinetic Konnection will improve your leg circulation…

Varigross: Crud.

Man: Wow – these socks are comfortable!

Woman:My pain is gone!? Thanks Super Boomer!

And with that, Verigross affliction was put to an end…

Verigross: Blast you, Super Boomer – I can’t believe I’ve been defeated by socks…

Kinetic Connection has compression socks in several styles… Call 519-258-4795, find out how to get compression socks and say sayonara to leg pain!

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