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We offer compression socks for all shapes and sizes (with style) because what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. However, there are 5 particular models that we find are our most popular compression socks.

Getting measured accurately for compression socks is part of a great experience at Kinetic Konnection. Having expert staff guide you into the proper sock is, well, it just makes your sock experience even better. Understanding how each sock fits everyone differently is part of what we do.

The 5 most popular compression socks at Kinetic Konnection:

  1. Sigvaris Performance Socks
  2. Mediven Active
  3. Sigvaris Midtown Microfiber
  4. CEP
  5. ACHI Power Tech

Colour might be the first thing you notice about some of these socks, but it is not always the colour choices available that make socks popular. Here are some interesting facts that make certain socks more sought-after than others:

  • Care instructions – Hang dry vs. machine dry? Nobody wants a high-maintenance sock, but sometimes, the hang dry versions can be a higher quality. Not to worry though, there are options for either preference.
  • Ease of putting on and off – Some socks will be easier to put on than others! In some cases, it will be because they’re a better fit, which is why we recommend you get measured by a Kinetic Konnection professional.
  • Durability – Depending on what you’re using the socks for, some can be more durable than others. Keep in mind what footwear you’ll be using when wearing them and consult one of our staff members for advice.

Click here to find a store near your and try them for yourself! If you have any questions at all about compression socks and how to get them please contact us.

Popular Compression Socks Medi Active A great sock for taller – fuller calved people that need a hard working sock!

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