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Woman smiling near compression socks displayAs kinesiology graduates, we understand the body and how it works. We understand that our tiny veins work so hard to move blood back up to the heart. It makes sense that by increasing the pressure on our veins it helps improve circulation. To us, it seems simple.  This is why we all wear compression socks to work. We also know that it’s easy for us to sometimes forget what is second nature to us can seem very unfamiliar to others.

Each and every day, we encounter the “are you serious?” look on our customers’ faces as we tell them that we too, wear compression socks. Why wouldn’t we? No one is too young, too healthy or immune to the symptoms of venous disease. As bracing experts, we stand on our feet for a large portion of our day, which puts us at higher risk of developing symptoms of poor leg health.  Most of the Kinetic Konnection staff wears them preventatively, a step ahead some might say, but often people wait until their symptoms are really bad. This is not a good step in proper care of your legs, and we hope to convince you to not be one of those people!

Compression socks are so versatile, and there is a sock for everyone!  These colourful (or not so colorful little socks, depending on what you like!) can help manage and prevent so many symptoms: varicose veins, swollen ankles, tired and aching legs, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) are some of the conditions, to name a few. Compression socks are also amazing in aiding recovery after sports or running. It’s simple: they work and WE LOVE THEM, so you should try them out and wear compression socks!

When you are ready to try your first pair, drop by one of our 6 locations or check out our selection of socks online for more information. We will be wearing ours!

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