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Urban poling, Nordic walking, they’re one and the same, but what exactly is this fitness activity, and how can it benefit you?

Urban poling is a full body exercise that became all the rage in North America just over five years ago. The activity itself looks a lot like cross-country skiing… but replace the snow with pavement and skis with comfortable running shoes! It was originally a way for Nordic athletes (in Northern Europe/North Atlantic) to practice and keep in shape during their sporting off-season.

The best part is, urban poling provides a full-body workout, which is incredible for those who can’t do long distance running or other forms of high-intensity cardio, and is actually safe and effective for all age groups!

How can urban poling truly be a full-body workout, you ask? When walking with the poles, you are using both the upper and lower portions of your body while targeting more muscles than you would when just walking outdoors. Studies actually show that (depending on your body) this activity burns about 25% to 40% more calories than regular walking does!

You will see an improvement in your posture & greater strength in your core! Urban poling is also an excellent rehabilitation activity for anyone who has had any knee, hip or other joint problems. Walking with the poles helps relieve the stress placed on your joints while keeping your body active and helping it recover, and the exercise itself is low impact and provides great resistance training without even having to step foot inside a gym!

The best part about this activity is that you can do it nearly anywhere. Parks, trails, pavement, even indoors, the world is your urban poling oyster! Here at Kinetic Konnection, we are huge urban poling fans! We love the healthy results we see in our bodies from the exercise, and appreciate how gentle it is on our joints.

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