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This may seem obvious to some, but many people don’t realize how important size is when wearing compression socks.

We constantly hear about family members interchanging socks, regardless of their differences in size. To make sure your compression socks fit comfortably, you should be measured to ensure you are getting the right amount of compression for your needs.

A typical conversation with a customer:

Husband: I am here to pick up Mary’s compression socks.

KK Staff: Great what’s the last name? Thanks. I see Mary has chosen Sigvaris Performance Socks. Please remind Mary how important daily washing is & that these socks are left and right specific.
Couple arguing about compression socks

Husband: Thanks for the information. She is excited to try these out tonight on our run.

KK Staff: Do you wear compression socks when you run?

Husband: Yeah, I’ve tried them but I don’t really like the feel of them, I just tried Mary’s black ones. They seem to work alright. They are a bit tight but that’s ok.

KK Staff: Actually too tight is really not ok. You probably measure into a sock that is larger than hers. These socks should actually be really comfortable.

Husband: Oh. Really? I didn’t think it would make much difference?

Staff: It definitely can. If you have a minute, I can take a few measurements and let you know what size you should be wearing?

Compression sock manufacturers determine a sock size based on:

  • Leg length
  • Calf circumference
  • Ankle circumference
  • Foot size

Most reputable compression sock manufactures offer 5 to 8 different sizes and most are available in regular or short length. To make sure your socks fit, it is important that you get measured and fitted accurately.

Feel free to contact us anytime about your compression socks needs.

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