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Spider Veins

WHAT is it?

Spider veins are similar to varicose veins, but they’re smaller and found closer to the skin’s surface. Spider veins vary in size and often look like a spider’s web.

WHEN does it hurt?

For most, spider veins are simply a cosmetic concern however, varicose veins can cause an achy or heavy feeling in legs, burning, throbbing or itchy sensation, and increased pain after standing or sitting for long durations.

WHY do I have it?

Wear and tear on the valves in your veins that help regulate blood flow. Eventually, that wear causes the valves to allow some blood to flow back into your veins where it collects instead of flowing up to your heart.


Compression stockings can help improve blood circulation by applying a mild compression to valves in your legs, helping pump blood back to the heart.

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