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Do you ever stop and think about how much pressure (literally!) we put on our feet every day? We depend on them to support us, but have you thought about what can we do to support them? This is where OOFOS sandals come in.

OOFOS are a supportive footwear line that have been specifically engineered as “recovery footwear.” Did you know that proper arch support makes a huge difference to your joints? The arches in OOFOS are constructed to relieve pressure from your ankles, knees, hips, and your lower back.

The shoe itself is constructed from unique foam that can only be found in a pair of OOFOS. They are extremely light and allow your foot to move naturally, and once you begin to walk in them, you’ll notice how comfortable they are because they absorb 37% more impact than any other foam sandals.

This is why OOFOS sandals for recovery after physical workouts are a great idea. You already know that your athletic running shoes are made to protect and support your feet from the intense pressure you put on them when you exercise. And now you know that with OOFOS, (after a workout or a run) your feet a will actually be given the opportunity to rest and recover.

We are proud to offer OOFOS sandals at all 6 Kinetic Konnection locations. We know how important it is to take good care of our legs, joints, and bodies overall, especially after a long, strenuous workout. When you slip on a pair of OOFOS, your feet will immediately thank you, and so will your entire body both in that moment and the next day!

Come on into our stores and try on a pair of OOFOS, or contact us today for more information; you’ll see for yourself how great your feet feel after only a few steps!

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