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Bakers Cyst

WHAT is it?

Synovial fluid lubricates the knee to reduce friction and help the leg swing smoothly. A buildup of fluid may result in a fluid-filled cyst originating on the popliteal bursa (back of the knee). Some individuals may experience no pain, while others may notice swelling and inability to fully flex the knee.

WHEN does it hurt?

Pain is associated with activities that involve flexion and extension of the patella (knee). This may include walking, climbing/ descending stairs and sitting.

WHY do I have it?

A buildup of synovial fluid causes a Baker’s cyst. This can be associated with inflammation (caused by various types of arthritis) or a knee injury involving a cartilage tear.


Draining the synovial fluid is always an option… if you like needles. For those who don’t, a simple compression sleeve will help manage pain and reduce inflammation.

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